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Leadership in the World of Tomorrow: Guiding Businesses with Big Tech Industry Principles and Neuroscience


As a speaker, Benjamin Bargetzi has been invited by Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and top universities alike to speak on success strategies for the digital transformation process, what the world will look like in 2035, and what we can learn from cognitive & neurosciences to become better business leaders.

Embark on a journey into the future and explore the secrets of artificial intelligence, the world’s newest tech innovations, digital transformation principles, and cutting-edge insights from neuroscience and psychology presented by one of Europe’s most energizing business transformation speakers. What sets Benjamin Bargetzi’s keynotes apart is the unique balance he strikes between concrete, hands-on business advice and inspiring, mind-opening future visions, focusing on providing his audiences with both a positive mindset and clear next action steps. Previous examples include but are not limited to: 

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“Be Fast, Fail Smart, and Dare to Think Big."
-Benjamin Bargetzi
“The Only Constant in Life is Change.”
“A new idea must not be judged by its immediate results”
-Nikola Tesla
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein
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