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My Mission

To succeed in the world of tomorrow, one needs to understand and bridge technological, business, and human factors alike. By combining his international leadership experience at Google and Amazon with cutting-edge neuroscientific research, Benjamin can help you transform your company into a future-proof organization ready for the coming century.

His approach to business transformation glues together technology, entrepreneurship, psychological science, and a futuristic mindset. His keynotes predominately cover the following areas, but can be flexibly adjusted to your specific needs:

  1. Making the right (leadership) decisions in times of great change & uncertainty
  2. What neuroscience can teach us about successful business transformation
  3. How to build future-proof company, sales & hiring cultures that are ready for the world of tomorrow
Benjamin Bargetzi Keynotes


As a speaker, he has been invited by Fortune 500 companies, government organizations and top universities alike to speak on success strategies for the digital transformation process, what the world will look like in 2035 and what we can learn from cognitive & neurosciences to become better business leaders.


Leveraging my background in big tech and consulting, he frequently consults companies on specific projects and challenges, including business model transformations, digitalization projects, market expansions, M&As, and operational restructurings.

Benjamin Bargetzi Consulting

Business Seminars

He also offers interactive business seminars, usually in combination with a keynote, where he analyzes your organization in-depth on its readiness for the future, helps your teams to develop a future-proof mindset, and provides practically applicable suggestions on how to transform your business models and work cultures.

His Research Institute

To spread free education in the world and to keep his keynotes and consulting up to date with cutting-edge research findings, Benjamin founded the Association for Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking, a global think-tank and research institute that analyses the big trends of tomorrow and aspires to answer the most pressing societal questions of our time.


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