Benjamin Bargetzi's Mission Statement

“I envision a world where people can live to their full potential. To reach this world, we require insights into the human brain, its mechanisms, and its needs, into rapid developments in science and technology that will soon change the world as we know it, and a visionary, future-oriented philosophy. I see it as my mission to carry both the tools and the mindsets needed to thrive in such a future of unprecedented disruptions to people, companies, governments, and societies across the globe.” – Benjamin B. Bargetzi

Key Topics

Cutting-Edge Developments in Technology and Science

Based on his experiences working with the world’s front-leading companies and the studies of his think-tank, Benjamin Bargetzi speaks on the most up-to-date developments in science and artificial intelligence that will define the industries of tomorrow.

Business Transformation, Innovation, and Neuroscience

Bringing together cutting-edge neuroscientific insights with leadership training, Benjamin Bargetzi proposes revolutionary ideas on how to restructure your company, truly leverage your employees’ full potential, and discover what neuroscience can teach us about navigating and mastering uncertainty.

New Work & Lean Six Sigma Meet Psychology

In engaging, interactive workshops, Benjamin Bargetzi teaches companies how to improve culture, hiring, sales, and branding through psychology and modern working methods. Discover strategies to improve processes, effectiveness, and efficiency in your company with tangible examples from successful companies.

Philosophy, The Big Questions, Values, and Ethics

The world is changing faster and faster as we are heading into an unknown tomorrow. Benjamin Bargetzi will dive into the questions of values, philosophical systems, and principles that will matter in such a future – not just for business cultures, but also for humanity as a whole.


As a speaker, Benjamin Bargetzi has been invited by Fortune 500 companies, government organizations and top universities alike to speak on success strategies for the digital transformation process, what the world will look like in 2035 and what we can learn from cognitive & neurosciences to become better business leaders.


Leveraging his background in big tech and consulting, Benjamin frequently consults companies on specific projects and challenges, including business model transformations, digitalization projects, market expansions and operational restructurings.

Benjamin Bargetzi Consulting

Seminars & Workshops

 Benjamin Bargetzi offers interactive business seminars and workshops, usually in combination with a keynote, where he analyzes your organization in-depth on its readiness for the future, helps your teams to develop a future-proof mindset, and provides practically applicable suggestions on how to transform your business models and work cultures.

Event Moderator & Panelist

Benjamin has extensive experience as a moderator and a panelist for events. He keeps your audience engaged and sparks insightful discussions, so your event can become even more meaningful and memorable to your audience.

Benjamin Bargetzi’s
Future Institute

To spread free education in the world and to keep his keynotes and consultations up to date with cutting-edge research findings, Benjamin founded the Association for Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking, a global think-tank and research institute that analyses the big trends of tomorrow and aspires to answer the most crucial questions of our time.

ASAJO Ventures

Investment, capital raising and business support for innovative tech startups. 

ASAJO Ventures belongs to 
Bargetzi & Company LLC, Switzerland. 

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