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About Benjamin Bargetzi

Professional Career

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
– Socrates


Benjamin Bargetzi is an internationally sought-after expert on digital transformation strategies, change management, and innovation. He has carved a dynamic career path from leading roles at big tech giants such as Google and Amazon to becoming an international entrepreneur, keynote speaker, advisor, and investor.

He has led to success global high-stake transformation and innovation projects with over $120 million on the line each by bringing together his flair for technology and innovation with insights from neuroscience. He frequently advises Fortune 500 companies on future-proof business models and built up a global AI & neuroscience research institute. Benjamin Bargetzi researched and studied the human brain at world-leading universities in Oxford, London, Singapore, and Zurich, alongside international pioneers in the field. His research focused on how the human brain deals with change, risks, and uncertainty.

Career Timeline

Personal Life

“Life must be understood backwards. But it must be lived forward.”
– Søren Kierkegaard

Personal Journey

Benjamin’s life journey spans the globe, from his Swiss mountain upbringing to his years living in East Asia, followed by working across the US and Europe. A burning passion for people, history, culture, and anthropology complements his background in technology and science.

As a balance to his highly digitalized professional life, Benjamin Bargetzi follows strict off-phone times and sport routines. He gains vitality from exposure to nature, and his early mornings are kickstarted by fitness routines, cold showers and bicycle tours. He is also competitively participating in Spartan races, mountain runs and prolonged trekking trails across the world.

Driven by a wish to help the underprivileged, Benjamin has been actively engaged in and founded various social initiatives for spreading free education in the world, such as ACIT Global, the Dopamining project, or serving as a board director of Mensa International, a mentor and alumnus of the Swiss Study Foundation, or a voluntary advisor for Enactus and other non-profit organizations.

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Audience Feedback From My Most Recent Engagements

“Benjamin is a truly inspirational speaker and master of his craft. He has the ability to capture his audiences in a way like I have never seen it before, and we immediately booked him for a second speech after having seen him once. Bridging the fields of neuroscience, technology, and innovation with concrete business applications, he deeply inspired our teams, leaving a lasting impact on our organization."

Jan Baur Senior Director Innovation, TotalEnergies

“As a fellow neuroscientist, I am deeply impressed with Benjamin’s creative intellect, profound expert knowledge, and scientific pedigree. I consider him a leading expert for neurobiology, decision science, and psychology. I am convinced that he will leave an intellectual legacy in this world.”

Professor Karl J. Friston The world’s most-cited and influential neuroscientist

“Amazingly thrilling insights from Benjamin Bargetzi into the future potential of AI. He truly inspired and energized his audience to embrace the coming decade and not be afraid. A hugely credible speaker on the topic with an outstanding ability to tailor his message to his specific audiences.”

Andrea Stürmer CEO of Zurich Insurance Group AT

"Benjamin is an exceptionally captivating speaker whose visionary ideas, enthusiasm, and openness profoundly resonated with our audience. His expertise in AI, combined with an inspiring passion for the subject, took us on a transformative journey. I highly recommend him.”

Frank Kindervatter CEO of N.E.W. Group

"Benjamin Bargetzi's keynote on embracing change left a lasting impact on our organization and ranks among the most exceptional keynote speeches I've ever experienced. We will carry his insightful philosophies and principles with us into the future, and he truly changed the mindsets of our teams and leadership. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity for future collaboration!"

Zina Thaifa Senior Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“Benjamin Bargetzi's keynote on the neuroscience of consumer behavior and its relevance to investment strategies added a unique and exceptionally valuable dimension to our event. Benjamin's ability to convey complex concepts with clarity and enthusiasm made his presentation both informative and entertaining, and we were privileged to host such an insightful and internationally known speaker.”

Jelena Noe Event Lead, CAPinside Investment Congress

"Benjamin Bargetzi left our audience in awe, taking us on a trip through both the current state and the future of the world, emphasizing the importance of responsibility and ethics in the digital age. Equipping us with concrete advice and ideas to take home, Benjamin's authentic and incredibly competent presentation was convincing in every respect."

Christoph Balmer Chairman of Bücher Balmer Group

“Benjamin Bargetzi has received the highest rating any keynote speaker has ever gotten in our history of Mobiliar Leadership events! Simply brilliant speaker combining visionary thinking and the latest facts from the tech world!”

Zaida Mendez Event Lead, Mobiliar Management Summit

"Benjamin Bargetzi is an excellent speaker and moderator with a true talent for intriguing storytelling and the show business. He spoke at our Doomsday Challenge event hosted in a futuristic underground tunnel, and Benjamin's passion for innovation, digitalization, and future trends made him the best possible moderator we could have asked for. The audience left the event simply amazed, and with clear action steps to take home."

Dr. Michael Kompatscher General Manager VSH Group

"Benjamin Bargetzi fully captivated our guests with his visionary outlook into the future and received standing ovations. His insights are particularly authentic due to his real-life experiences that he can share from his background in Big Tech, startups, and a dozen countries in the world. Benjamin deeply inspired a proactive desire in us to shape the future with enthusiasm."

Bernhard Schuster CEO Infotech LLC

"Benjamin Bargetzi possesses the unique ability to break down the digital transformation between people, business, and technology into "Core Essentials" with highly precise and empathetic language. Through practical examples and his optimistic personality, he infuses these explanations with energy and vitality. Thank you for the fantastic inspiration."

Wolfgang Eger CIO of Swiss Post Group

"Benjamin Bargetzi greatly enriched our biggest event of the year for which we invited 1600 key decision-makers across Europe. With his deep insights into technology and his creative and clear mind, he astonished our audience and received the highest speaker rating we have ever seen. We most warmly recommend him.”

Gregor Greinke CEO of GBTEC Group

“Benjamin's rich knowledge of artificial intelligence and his learnings from an impressive career in the tech industry opened our eyes to the future in a constructive and positive way. After his speech, we decided to further contract Benjamin as an advisor to help us with the hands-on implementation of our AI transformation.”

Christoph Syz CEO of Patrimonium Group

"Different from many other speakers, Benjamin took the time and attended our event for the full day, closely listened in on what was discussed, and then excellently referred the discussed topics in his keynote speech, introducing clever new aspects outside our industry. In doing so, he totally captivated the audience, and took them away with his terrific speech. An outstanding keynote speaker who impresses with empathy, smartness, and eloquence.”

Ruediger Skaletz Chief Business Development Officer, TransRE

"Benjamin Bargetzi's deep understanding of digital transformation, customer behaviors & psychology and his ability to clearly convey complex concepts fascinated our audience. Benjamin impresses with his vast practical experience, his rich knowledge of neuroscience, his visionary technological outlooks, and his authentic style that encourage self-reflection and inspire motivation. Having him at our event was truly enriching, and he left a lasting impact on our company to this day."

Marc von Wartburg CEO Swiss Life Select

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“Be Fast, Fail Smart, and Dare to Think Big."
-Benjamin Bargetzi
“The Only Constant in Life is Change.”
“A new idea must not be judged by its immediate results”
-Nikola Tesla
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein
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