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Executive Coaching

Stay hyperfocused & achieve 10x Productivity with proven Neuroscience Methods

Executive Coaching

Based on his background in neuroscience research and the tech world, Benjamin Bargetzi’s executive coaching services are designed to help you optimize your productivity and stay focused in a world full of distractions. These structured methods have been successfully implemented with leading CEOs across the world and stem from his research across Oxford, London, Singapore, and Zurich to provide a comprehensive approach to enhance your performance.
Experience the transformative power of a structured work approach and routine including proprietary frameworks, regular check-ins and strategic hours, all supported by neuroscience studies on dopamine pathways and proven studies on enhancing productivity. Where required, our coaching not only focuses on productivity and focus at the workplace but also includes coaching on healthy morning routines and debunking myths around nutrition, health, sleep, and focus. With our guidance, you will 10x your productivity and achieve hyperfocus by understanding how to hack your brain’s potential.


Leaders that we helped transform their lives

"Benjamin's Coaching has fundamentally helped me transform my life. His neuroscience-based methods and structured routines have drastically improved my focus and productivity. I now feel more in control of my time and energy than ever before."

Henry Burkert CEO of Crewting

"Thanks to Benjamin's guidance, I've been able to implement effective strategies that have skyrocketed my productivity. His approach to hacking dopamine pathways and optimizing daily routines is truly revolutionary."

Matthias Dekan Head of Banking, Raiffeisen International

"Working with Benjamin has been a game-changer. His insights into neuroscience and practical applications have helped me achieve a level of hyperfocus I never thought possible. My work efficiency and overall well-being have significantly improved."

Sharesz Wilkinson Forbes Council & Harvard Business Review

Trusted by 50+ clients worldwide

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-Nikola Tesla
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